Cougars/Mountain Lions
  • Mountain lions are generally shy of humans, and it's rare to see one.  If you do, report it to the AZ Game & Fish Pinetop office at 928-367-4281.
  • Do not attempt to run from a mountain lion, as this can trigger their hunting instincts.  Make eye contact with them, speak loudly, and back away slowly.  If they try to run away, let them!
  • If the mountain lion does attack, they will generally try to bite at the head or neck.  Protect your throat, try to stay on your feet, and fight back aggressively; many potential mountain lion victims do manage to fight them off successfully.
  • Although extremely rare, cougars can carry the rabies virus.  Anyone bitten by a cougar should be vaccinated as soon as possible.
  • For more information, see this brochure.

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