• .Most spiders aren't considered a danger to humans, although their bites can still be painful (hello, tarantulas!).  However, some have venom in their bites that can be extremely harmful, or even fatal.
    • In our area, the two most common potentially deadly spiders are the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse.
      • Black Widows are small, black spiders with stubby bodies and legs; females often have a red mark on their abdomens, usually shaped like an hourglass.
        • They are common in wooded areas and will occasionally move into homes, but are fairly shy.  Be careful when turning over rocks or fallen trees, as they like to live under them.
        • If you are bitten by one, seek medical attention immediately.  Children and the elderly in particular may want to consider a visit to the emergency room.
      • Brown Recluses are small brown spiders, and move very quickly.  They are rare in areas with a lot of foot traffic, but will move into places like sheds and outdoor storage areas that don't see a lot of human activity.
        • Brown Recluse venom is particularly vicious, and anyone who has been bitten by one should go to the emergency room immediately.  Even a small bite can lead to permanent skin and nerve damage, loss of a limb, or death if left untreated.

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