• Trees Casting Evening Shadows on a Sidewalk
  • Sunflower
  • Pink Blossoms Blooming on a Tree
  • Muddy Dirt Road Flanked by Tall Trees
  • People Standing on Lake Boat Dock Next to Several Small Boats
  • Tall Slender Trees Mirrored in Lake
  • Tall Slender Trees Mirrored in Lake
  • Tall Slender Trees Mirrored in Lake
  • Rocky Lake Shore with Trees in Background Under Blue Sky
  • Snow-Covered Wooden Fence with Trees in Background
  • Small Rocky Pond with Trees in Background
  • Mossy Stream Running into Pond Surrounded by Trees
  • IMG_0333
  • Green Meadow and Trees Under Blue Sky
  • Creek with Green Brush and Trees in Background
  • Creek Flanked by Trees Under Blue Sky
  • Yellow Flower in Green Plant
  • Bright Yellow Flowers on a Foggy Day, Nature Center Sign in Background
  • Looking Up at Yellow Leaves and Blue Sky, Sun Shining Through
  • Blue Sky Showing Through Thick Yellow and Orange Tree Leaves
  • Small Yellow-Leaved Trees Surrounded by Tall Fir Trees
  • Tall Yellow and Green Trees Under Bright Sun and Blue Sky
  • Clearing of Tree Stumps with Tall Yellow and Green Trees Behind

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