Social Media Guidelines

Social Media Guidelines for Usage & No Endorsement

The purpose of the Town's social media page is to present matters of public interest. Please note that it is not a public forum. 

Comments posted to this page will be monitored. The Town reserves the right to remove comments from the public page that are malicious, obscene, pornographic, threatening, bullying or intimidating, discriminatory (including age, sex, race creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability, or marital status, or any other legally recognized protected basis under federal, state or local laws, regulations or ordinances), promote illegal activity, commercial services or products, or are not topically related to the particular posting. 

In general, individual complaints, concerns, and service requests may not be addressed through social media. Concerns, complaints, and requests regarding town activities should be directed to the appropriate town department. If you need help locating the correct department, please contact Town Hall at (928) 368-8696 for assistance.

No Endorsement

If a Town social media site "follows," "friends," or links to another person's, entity's, or organization's social media account, it is not an endorsement by the Town or any of its departments, employees, officers, agents, or elected officials of that account ( or any posts made by that account), or an endorsement of any person, entity, product, service, or organization, and is only intended as a means of furthering outreach efforts and providing timely information to the public.

The views and opinions of the authors of documents published on or linked to a Town social media site do not state or reflect the opinion, policy, or position of the Town.

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