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Short Term Rental Permit

  1. Short-term/vacation rental owners must obtain and maintain an annual town license for each Pinetop-Lakeside property. The annual license fee is $250 per property.

    Pinetop-Lakeside’s licensing portal will open September 5, 2023, and owners of existing short-term/vacation rental properties must obtain licenses by November 15, 2023. New short-term/vacation rental properties must also comply with ordinance requirements and be licensed before being offered for rent in Pinetop-Lakeside.

    Note: The town’s license described here applies only to rentals of less than 30 days. Owners renting for 30 days or longer do not need to obtain a license through this process.

  2. Need Help?

    If you need help with this process, please feel free to reach out to GovOs at or by phone at (888) 751-1911.

  3. Required Documents

    IMPORTANT: Before beginning your license application, the following documents, ready to upload, are needed: 

    The portal will ask that these documents be attached. If you do not have these completed and ready to upload, you are not ready to proceed with the application. Unfortunately, if the attachments are missing or incorrect, the software will DENY the application and cause a delay in approval because the application will have to be updated. 

    • A valid TPT License is required for each rental property in Pinetop-Lakeside; your TPT number will be needed to apply for the Town of Pinetop-Lakeside rental license.    Obtain your TPT license from ADOR
    • Proof of Property Ownership: Acceptable documentation is a copy of your Warranty Deed or latest property tax bill. No other documents will be accepted.
    • Proof of Liability Insurance: Please upload evidence of liability insurance appropriate to cover the vacation rental in the aggregate of at least five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000) or evidence that each vacation rental transaction will be provided through a platform that provides equal or greater primary liability insurance coverage for the vacation rental.
    • Proof of Local Emergency Contact: Please provide a photo of the emergency point of contact driver's license, or other proof of local residency. The owner or emergency point of contact whose name appears on the permit application must be on the vacation rental premises or be available over the phone or text within sixty (60) minutes of a violation response request.
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