Conditional Use Permits

What is a Conditional Use Permit?

A conditional use permit authorizes a property owner (or their agent) to use property in a way that isn’t absolutely permitted as a right, but also isn’t directly prohibited by law. Permits must be approved by the Planning and Zoning Commission after a public hearing; the regulations they follow attempt to allow some flexibility, while still protecting the general health and safety of the rest of the community.

Eligible Uses

The use in question has to be consistent with the intent and purpose of the zoning district in which it is located; it should also fulfill a public need, or provide a public benefit. Each type of zoning district has specific requirements for conditional uses, and the proposed use also has to comply with those requirements. For information on the specific requirements for your zoning district, please contact us.

Application Process

To apply for a conditional use permit, complete our Conditional Use Permit Application.


A fee of $400 is due before your application can be considered (this includes a $200 application fee, and a $200 advertising fee). You can pay this fee by sending a check (payable to Town of Pinetop/Lakeside) or money order to:

Community Development Department
Town of Pinetop/Lakeside
325 W White Mountain Boulevard
Lakeside, AZ 85929

You can also pay this fee in person by cash, check, or credit card at Town Hall.

Revoking a Permit

Please note that the Planning and Zoning Commission can hold a public hearing to decide whether or not to revoke a permit if any of these conditions are met:

  • There is a failure to comply with any conditions of the permit’s original approval, or other applicable provisions of the Town’s zoning regulations.
  • The conditional use stops for a year or more (or isn’t constructed within a year of the permit being granted).
  • The Town’s General Plan changes, so that the use in question is no longer permitted in that district.