Short-Term Rental Permit

Short-term/vacation rental owners must obtain and maintain an annual town license for each Pinetop-Lakeside property. The annual license fee is $250 per property.

Pinetop-Lakeside’s licensing portal will open September 5, 2023, and owners of existing short-term/vacation rental properties must obtain licenses by November 15, 2023. New short-term/vacation rental properties must also comply with ordinance requirements and be licensed before being offered for rent in Pinetop-Lakeside.

Note: The town’s license described here applies only to rentals of less than 30 days. Owners renting for 30 days or longer do not need to obtain a license through this process.

Read Pinetop-Lakeside Town Code on Short-Term Rentals.  

If you are looking for assistance in setting up your short-term rental account, please contact GovOS at or by phone at (888) 751-1911.

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Be A Good Neighbor

It is always important to be a good neighbor. Please keep your neighbors in mind when renting your house in Pinetop-Lakeside. Please ensure your tenants are well-versed with the following Good Neighbor Conduct guides to ensure everyone enjoys our beautiful community.  

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