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Contact Us

  1. Town Contact Form

    If there’s a specific issue that you’d like to discuss with a particular staff member or department, you can use this contact form to... More…


  1. Town Employment Application
  1. Town Public Works Employment Application

    For applicants applying for Public Works Maintenance Worker positions.

Events and Vendors

  1. Annual Vendor Permit
  2. Single Vendor Permit
  1. Chili & Cobbler Team Registration

    Register to participate in the 2023 Chili & cobbler Cook-Off at the Autumn Fest on October 28th. Registration Deadline is October 20,... More…

  2. Special Event Permit Application

Public Works

  1. Contractor/Vendor
  2. Request for New Address Assignment

    Use this form for a new property address assignment. Vacant properties will not receive an address unless a building permit... More…

  1. Request for Address Amendment

    This form is to be used in case of a records discrepancy for an already addressed property.

  2. Request For Street / Property Access Name Assignment

    This form is to be used for new street name assignments or property access required to be named. Vacant properties will not receive an... More…